New Rules Novel

“Setting time aside daily to read this brilliant ‘real time’ novel and get a feel for NYC”

– @Bhelekazi

“Currently obsessed. #NewRulesNovel is a brilliant concept. “

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“I’m hooked!!! #dating #fashion #work #music”

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Raw & Real-Time

Follow as two people navigate the new rules of dating, relationships, sex and success – all while grappling with the glitz and grime of life in New York.


New Rules is a real perspective from the city’s most prominent and underground events and hotspots. It tracks the hustle and struggle – all documented through social posts, images and video.


From the streets of Brooklyn to the runway shows of fashion week.


Experience real venues and gigs – an insight into the industry and its players.


The politics of Tinder and unwritten laws of sex and dating in the city.


Getting ahead and building stuff in the world of startups and social media.

One Year From Two Perspectives


A music producer, DJ and content creator – Mason is struggling to support himself as he waits for a decent opportunity to come along. All he wants is something he can really get into, a shot at a decent project – but when something does come along, it’s clear that the path to living off what he loves has changed. There are new rules to the game.


Emma is a recent Ivy league grad whose love of music drove her to last through a long unpaid internship at one of New York’s fastest growing record labels until they finally gave her a job. After years of being under-appreciated and not advancing, her Instagram selfies with famous people are no longer making up for her tiny paycheck.


Projects conceived in hibernation.


A fresh start and new perspectives.


The explosion and escape.


Everything in moderation.

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