Mason - CHAPTER 58


10 missed calls


What the fuck! Shut the party down now. I want you and all your crap out before I get back.

“This is in no way awkward,” Emma told me as she tried to pull herself out of the window, pushing with one leg against the wall, her ass up in the air. I waited a second before going in with what ended up as a feeble hoist of her foot as she pulled it through.

“That’s for the help,” She mocked, turning to look back down at me.

I pulled myself up, trying to make it look simple, then pausing half way so she felt better. Once up I helped pull Zack’s girl Daniela through, but she seemed to have it sorted, twisting and maneuvering through the small space. A bunch of us had come up to escape the dense weed smoke of the room, the heat had engulfed the whole place. Cigarette embers mapped the groups still sitting on one side of the ramp, a couple of guys still skated back and forth. The speaker was no longer going up here, which was for the best. The dull thud of the bass was loud enough as it is.

We took in the view by the edge, taking in some crisp open air. Zack was bopping around, drumming on his jeans, Daniela looked a lot straighter, but he deserved it, working his ass off and turning down five million bucks. Emma kicked a bunch of cans and cups, picking them up and placing them in a pile.

“You heard HudMo play before?” I asked.

“Um. Yeah, I think so. I need to listen to more of his stuff. He sounds great.”

“He’s awesome. Still looks about nineteen. So fucking talented. You know he did a bunch of the production work on the Yeezus album, it almost killed him, worked so hard he ended up in hospital.”

“So you owe me for that hookup.” She said.

“HudMo. What? Doubt it. What did…”

“No. Dork. Darnell. Who do you think told him to come along? So he asking you to come in and work with him right?”

“Oh. Yeah,” I said, “Well, let’s see if it comes to anything.”

“What! Best make something of it? All on you now.” She smiled.

She walked over to a group sitting by the edge, looking out towards the city skyline.

“It’s better from over here,” I said. Jumping over the barrier and onto the next building, “You can get around that ugly building that gets in the way.

“Mase, let’s head back down, want to check the rest of his set.” Zack said.

“We’ll catch you guys up, be down soon.”

When we made it out of site and round to the viewing spot I stopped, she was taking her time but finally arrived next to me. “I’ll never get tired of this view.” She said. The light grey haze had started to eat away at the darkness, about to give way to the off yellow of sunrise.

“Yeah. You having fun?” I asked.

“Of course. We should get back down there.” She stretched her arms up in the air.

“I guess so.”

“Tired?” She smiled. “Plenty of time to rest tomorrow.”

“I’d rather not think of tomorrow, let’s just within tonight for now.”

I resolved to not leave the roof without kissing her.

We stood, exhausting the time you typically spend staring at a view while standing next to someone you don’t know that well. The air between us hung still with a fly or die mentality. Her shoulder closest to me seemed to be dropped a little, that was surely an invitation.

“Glad you guys all came along, great to see you again.”

“Stoked to be here.”

“You must know that,” I paused. “You must know that I’m into you, right?”

She takes a moment to absorb it. Unexpected honesty can be surprising I guess.

“Why? Because you ask all my friends for their numbers?”

“Enough with that.” I said, stepping in front of the view, I promised myself – no regrets tonight. I placed a hand on her hip, taking in her eyes for a quick second before leaning in, hovering for a second to make sure, then catching her lips.

She opened her mouth and brought her tongue out over mine. I pulled her in a little closer, she swapped her head to the other side, I opened my eyes for a second and just as I closed them again I caught a glimpse of her opening hers. Stumbling a little and she twisted to escape the awkward angle.

“You looked pretty good up there tonight.” She said.

I pulled her in and she laughed a little as I pushed her backwards, held her up for a few stumbling steps before I felt the roughness of the wall on my palm – I cushioned her slightly as we crashed against it. Every bit of me felt hard, a walking erection, this was my night, the soundtrack of bass thuds below my anthem.

She looked straight at me, the crispness of her eyes seemed to light up her face, they face said she was cool with it all, at least that’s how it read them.

“Someone will bust us.” She said, running her hand across my waist.

“Why. You a screamer?”

She slammed her hand down on my chest, laughed and shock her head it a motion that she couldn’t believe what she was doing.

“There is no way we are doing it up here,” She said.

I hoisted her higher, the soft skin of her thighs in my hands.

“My place is a little full at the moment,” I said as I went at her neck, “Unless you want to put on some kind of show.”

“Shutup. Dickhead.”

She pushed her mouth back on me, her hips locking in, showing me she was ready to go – but wanted me to run it. She threw one of her arms up, a light stubble of her underarm. My hand slipped up under her, bringing her skirt with it – catching every curve as she moved.

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