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Getting off at the Bedford Ave stop was a combination between a line to clocking in for work and some eclectic art show, a slow moving line that gradually rose from underground towards the light, each step giving you a fresh view to observe the mash up of clothing, hairstyles and attitudes.

I appreciated the stitching running down leather arm of the jacket next to me, a girl with dark dark hair. Her side was moving quicker. As she got out in front I considered why someone would pin a Jim Beam patch to the back of such a cool jacket – like an out of place frat move. As my line moved up past her I noticed how young she was, a clear answer. A nice execution of the outfit, maybe over the next few years she could at least find a band to represent.

Up on the street I kicked myself for the rookie move of telling Jamie to meet me here. This corner was drenched every few minutes with a flood of people, like the half digested vomit of every restaurant in the food court. I retreated to a Swedish coffee shop that I had been to only once, but it had a seat from which I could safely watch.

I consider what it would be like to live over here, if I could ever leave Manhattan. Like the island was some old family property I’d lived on my whole life, and not a system that I had tried to inhabit for 3 years and could care less if I came or went.

Jamie was wearing a cape. It looked expensive. I’m pretty sure those are new boots. Why don’t I have leather gloves? The jealousy was real. Nothing triggers my comparative nature like the proximity of family blood and new clothes.

I send her a message. Watching as she stands around, checks her phone and the looks about. I expect her cheek to be cold as I kiss her, but she has been on the subway, wrapped up in all her gear. It’s nice to see her, I feel bad for not spending more sisterly time with her, but she needs to adjust to this place in her own way.

We still both take soy milk in our coffee, I consider the influence an older sister. It’s just coffee. But I did get her into almond lattes.

“So how is everything? I want a full rundown.”

“Oh my god. I’m loving it. There is just so much on.”

“Yeah? Work is good? What have you been up to?”

“Work is super busy, but it’s cool. Everyone is really nice. Actually..”

“What is it? I need all the details here. Come on.”

“There is this guy. He is really hot, but I haven’t even been there that long, it’s weird.”

“Yeah, hold off a little on that one, it’s a big city and hooking up from someone from your work can be regrettable.”

“I know. We have been hanging out a bit with a larger group, I’ve denied hanging out with him alone, I don’t want it to get weird, but I think I like him.”

We walk into the nail bar on Driggs and Nth 9th, parking ourselves on stools and sipping at our coffee. It felt like we should have cocktails or Champagne, I don’t think they had a liquor license here. I imaged hanging out with a banking crowd, what they would drink, talk about, wear. She asked about my work and Michael, who she had only met a handful of times, her tone made it seem like I had shut her out of things – I guess I had. Perhaps some human beings shut out those that are close to them and start to become successful – a defensive move against a threat to my own perceived value.

I chose blue silver for my nails, I half joked that we should get the same color to match. She went for pink.

“I have a surprise for you after this.” I said.

“What do you mean? What is it?”

“A surprise silly.”

“Exciting. Is it food related?”


“Not that I’m super hungry or anything, but…”

“We can eat after. Let’s go to Marlow & Sons for Oysters and treats.”

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