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CHAPTER NINE - EMMA - (5 min read)

The Creatures of Soho

The chill was refreshing for the first block, but now it only emphasized the tension down my back and shoulders, my mind flicking from one loose end to the next as I walked. I hadn’t been to the gym in at least three days. It was the first day back in the office after a long weekend but already I just had to escape.

I hated inheriting someone else’s mess – I was scrapping what I could and trying to start this party from scratch. It wasn’t that Vince was a jerk, I was used to that, it’s the fact that Sarah just left it all to be dumped on me. Plus I had to wrangle this rookie who seemed to think asking a hundred questions was somehow helping.

Walking always helped. The focus required to walk fast in heels had a potent calming effect. Lift, sweep, plant, release. The rhythm allowed for a series of deep breaths. I watched myself in the window of Opening Ceremony and checked my phone again.

A couple walked up the block towards me, a much older guy with long hair, dressed in a beautiful grey three piece suit with white and black wingtips. They had this presence that was hard to pull away from, she was much younger, leather pants, platform heels and large round sunglasses.

I wondered if they got dressed together, bouncing ideas. A classic example of the creatures that live and breathe Soho.

As we crossed each other I tried to listen to them, but got nothing. Pretending to look at my phone I turned and watched them for a second. Individual style is one thing, but couples looking like that together – it’s another level. I wondered if they got dressed together, bouncing ideas. Or was it done in isolation and revealed to each other elaborately? A classic example of the creatures that live and breathe Soho.

I considered what Michael and I would look like as one of these couples, but it was just too much of a stretch. You couldn’t call him ‘out of fashion’, but he certainly wasn’t fashionable. He didn’t really care, but that was the part of him I liked. I guess you can’t have it both ways.

I messaged Gretchen at Spark PR, they had a bunch of celebrities on their roster and maintained connections with a pretty wide network. I used them for building underground buzz for events. They had this network of social media influencers and socialites, they would drop hints that it was the place to be, and ensure the right photos made it online as people were deciding whether to come out or not.

A message from Viv pops up, she is free to meet and already at Happy Bones. Escape is near, I imagine the warm coffee in my hands as the wind bites my nose.


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